Just Elliot

By Sue Baer and Pamela Barcita (Illustrator)
Just Elliot Cover

Published by Bear Paw Print, LLC
1st edition February 16, 2018

About The Book
Just Elliot is a simple but groundbreaking story about a six-year-old boy with autism attempting to explain the challenges of his life on the spectrum. From the sensation of stinging bees on his head as he gets his haircut, to his revulsion of certain colored foods, to the simple need to hum as he concentrates on his schoolwork - very real revelations certain to be eye opening to Just Elliot's intended audience of young, non-autistic readers. A Readers Guide for parents is presented at the back of the book.


"Wonderful book! Lovingly written and the vivid illustrations brings us into Elliot's world. As an Elementary special education teacher I see many Just Elliot's in the classrooms, some embraced, some misunderstood. I think this book should be read in all classrooms. This book spoke to me not only as a teacher of children with special needs but because I think this book will be important in helping their peers understand some of the behaviors that might seem different or confusing to them.What a wonderful story to help enlighten both children and adults and bring awareness, understanding and appreciation of the differences in our children! "

"Sue Baer has written a beautiful book using the simple, appropriate language of a ten year old Autistic child - and we easily join Elliot in his world. The wonderfully, vivid illustrations that accompany the text makes the book 'Just Elliot' come alive. The Parent/Children Resource page in the back of the book, is a well thought out addition,with questions to ask the Autistic child after the reading and thought provoking ideas to engage other children in a classroom, sibling or friends. In conclusion this is a lovely book, long overdue and a Real Find for ALL teacher, parents, care taking adults and other children that interact with a special needs child."

"What a wonderful, inspiring and educational book! So many times we'll encounter someone who either has a child or other family member with an autism spectrum diagnosis. For most of us it's an unknown world that has many variations and since we're not experiencing it ourselves firsthand we haven't a clue on what to do or say. As much as this is a Children's book...it was so enlightening for the parent or adult reading it with their child. Just Elliot shows us what's really important in life and removes the fear and stigma associated with being diagnosed as Autistic. What a wonderful world this would be if starting with young children up to the older adults; we could be educated by this message of love. I hope schools will implement this book in the curriculum as mandatory reading. "

"As a speech pathologist I've worked with many children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. This is an insightful look into that world from a six-year-old's perspective. A heartwarming story, it's a book every teacher should read to her class and encourage discussion. "

"For anyone trying to explain the sometimes-unusual behavior of a child on the autism spectrum, this book by Sue Baer is a must-have. In simple language and brief format, the story lets Elliot himself explain why certain circumstances can be especially challenging for him. The illustrations, as well, are masterful, poignantly crafted and more vivid than photographs. As the title suggests, there's nothing wrong here; it's just Elliot, and that simple message can be enormously helpful to parents, teachers, grandparents, and anyone else who hopes to explain that being different is, well, just fine."

About The Author
Chicago native Sue Baer holds a BA in elementary education and an MA in counseling. Sue’s true delight is writing for children, inspired by her young friends and five grandchildren. Prior to Just Elliot she has written five children’s books in private publication, a published, interactive workbook (Kidsupport) for children of deployed soldiers, and three picture books: A Bear in the Air, The Grumbly, Rumbly Thunder and the award-winning, Bears, Bears, Everywhere! Sue lives with her husband, Barry, in Boulder, Colorado.